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Organix-South Sustainable Initiatives

Organix-South Sustainable Initiatives

Environmentalist & Entrepreneur Paul Hawken has written that "Sustainability is about stabilizing the currently disruptive relationship between earth’s two most complex systems—human culture and the living world.”

Consumers and retailers are helping to drive greater transparency for manufacturers to disclose their business practices, as well as the impact these practices have for the people and planet. Manufacturers and retailers are helping to raise consumer awareness about issues such as local, organic, made in the USA, fair trade, recycling and more. This stewardship between the consumer, retailer and manufacturer is helping to create a dynamic web of awareness; the awareness is recognized that we are voting with our dollar with every purchase we make.

Visionary manufacturers like Organix-South have been contributing to this awareness of people and planet for over a decade. We are pleased that even mainstream corporations are following suit of what we’ve been preaching for years.

Organix-South was founded by Autumn Blum, who continues to serve Organix-South as the VP and organic cosmetic chemist. Autumn’s leadership and vision todo good in the world led to the creation of TheraNeem Organix. Currently, Organix-South is the largest manufacturers of organic Neem-based products available in the US. Neem is a tree native to South East Asia and is also fondly referred to as the Village Pharmacy. Its botanical name is Azadirachta indica, which translates to The Free Tree of India. This multifaceted botanical has been used for thousands of years to promote health for people, pets, and organic agriculture. The mighty Neem tree provides its leaves, oil and bark to create a multitude of therapeutic products. The tree provides shade for rural villagers, helps to purify the soil and air, and offers a readily available herbal pharmocopea for those lucky enough to have one nearby.

Organix-South is committed to transparency and offers full disclosure of its product ingredients and business practices on their website http://www.organixsouth.com The O.rganix-South mission statement clearly articulates their leadership and practices: Our vision is to offer a synergy of organic, therapeutic and cruelty-free herbal products that are great for the whole family, our pets and our planet.


Sustainability: “Human Culture”

Organix-South’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is based in a very rural part of Florida where they have 18 on-site employees and produce TheraNeem herbal body care products. The decision to relocate to this rural part of Florida, shortly after the region was devastated by the hurricane seasons of 2004 & 2005, has made a significant difference in the local economy as they have become one of the larger employers in the region, and continue to support USA jobs and manufacturing.
Organix-South believes in fair wages for the farmers in India and pays more than the market price to the farmers who organically grow or ethically wild craft our herbs. This additional revenue helps to ensure their continued supply as well as providing the farming families and wildcrafters with an investment in their future.
Additionally, Organix-South works directly with farmers near Pune, India to help support their conversion to organic agriculture by contributing to their certification process. Since 2008, Organix-South has overseen and supported the conversion of over 250 farms to organic and helped them achieve certification through the internationally-renowned ECOCERT program.

Organix-South plays an active role in the community & their customers’ communities by sponsoring events, like the 2009 “Dog Days of Summer” Campaign, where they donated TheraNeem Pet Shampoo for community dog washes where the profits were designated for the local ASPCA or Humane Society. Organix-South continues to make donations through their various sales and promotional campaigns, whether it be product to promote awareness or actual profits.

Sustainability: “The Living World”
Organix-South supports organic agriculture by using as many organic ingredients in their personal care products as possible. Organix-South is the largest importer of organic Neem in the country. All of the herbs in their dietary supplements are certified organic and/or ethically wild crafted and certified organic.

Organix-South cures their 90% organic Neem soaps using primarily solar power in their curing and drying facility that was designed with the assistance of NASA rocket scientists, through a grant from the SATOP. As far as they know, this is the nation’s first solar-powered soap curing facility.

Organix-South helped restart the regions only recycling program that was permanently shut down after the hurricanes of 2004 & 2005. Organix-South currently recycles more than 1600 pounds of materials a month!


Organix-South believes in sustainable sourcing. They conduct regular audits of their raw material suppliers to assure that they are practicing sustainable harvesting methods, and that they are in compliance with the Good Agriculture Collection Practices.

Organix-South has signed the Rainforest Action Network pledge to use only Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil in their personal care products and is calling for other major manufacturers to require standards that protect rainforests.

Organix-South use only environmentally sensitive packaging for products and shipping – no Styrofoam peanuts or plastic fillers, just recycled paper and cardboard with vegetable-based ink for packaging as well as printed marketing materials.

With her motto to “do good in the world”, Organix-South VP Autumn Blum continues to oversee and quietly modify her company’s practices as she deems necessary and strives to always strike a harmonious balance between human culture and the living world. At Organix-South, every day is Earth Day!

Organix-South is doing its part to enhance your vitality with organic herbal dietary supplements grown and harvested sustainably. Organix-South enriches the health of the earth by supporting organic agriculture and nourishing the people who grow and collect these herbs by providing sustainable wages… This is sustainability in action.
For more information about Organix-South, TheraNeem Organix and TheraVeda an organic herbal dietary supplement line, please visit: http://www.organixsouth.com