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TheraNeem Pure Neem Oil

1 oz / Liquid

1 oz..

  • 100% Pure and Organic

  • Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

  • High Antioxidant Content

Safe for direct application to the skin mixing with a carrier oil, or added to your favorite shampoo or body care product.

For more ideas on how to use Neem Oil, refer to our Ultimate Neem Support Guide! Click Here.

Please Note: Neem oil solidifies at a cool room temperature (~72F). This is because of the high concentration of essential fatty acids in the oil. To restore to a liquid state if desired, simply warm the bottle in your pocket or a mug of warm water. The transition from solid to liquid or vice versa has no effect on the therapeutic properties of Neem oil.

Pure Neem Oil


Quick Overview

100% Pure and Organic, Rich in Essential Fatty Acids, High Antioxidant Content